The reading culture in today’s world, is currently on the decline. People are not usually motivated to read, and they would rather spend their time doing something else, which is most times less productive than reading. However, there are few exceptions. When it comes to academic work, reading becomes very compulsory, as it is the major determinant to academic success. Hence, if the individual does not read, failure is feasible.

Some people are not aware of the fact that, reading has a strong influence on the mental health of an individual, and doing it on a regular basis, can boost your mental health. Just as good nutrition and exercising helps us to regulate our physical health, reading helps in granting our brain muscles enough strength.

One benefit which reading grants your mental health is; it ensures that your stress levels are reduced. Reading is a form of relaxation which a good number of people have not yet come to realize. The heart rates are reduced when you read, and the same effect which you get while listening to music, or taking tea, is also similar to what you would feel. Hence, anytime you feel stressed out, take a book and invest ample amount of time in reading it.

Also, you should know that reading helps you to be more sensitive to the feelings of others. If you are someone who does not display empathy, reading would help you see eye to eye with people, and you would be able to give reasons for them, if they mess up.

In addition to this, reading is an efficient way of stepping up your intelligence. A good number of times when we read, we come across facts which we had no idea about before. You would come to realize that, for each book you read, there is at least something to gain, and something new to learn.

Conclusively, it would also interest you to know that, reading enhances your memory, it makes your brain work better than before. This happens because, you would pay more attention, and also work with little details.

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