Literature on Addiction

addiction literatureAddiction has long been studied as a mental and physical illness. Many studies on addiction emerged from American culture due to a history strongly tied to combating addiction. In the mid to late 1800’s, studies on and treatments for addiction began forming in the United States, and into the following century, they only continued to grow and multiply. Rehabilitation centers, halfway houses and other psychological treatments were employed to fight the problem of addition.¬†Ethics have changed drastically in approaching these illnesses, and the long history of evolving addiction studies has been preserved in literature on addiction, which includes published book volumes, articles and internet circulations.

The internet has become the most common way of sharing and circulating reading material. We are more influenced by the information we take in on the internet than any other information source because of how pervasive and accessible it is. We prefer to receive information digitally to laptops, computers, tablets and phones than we do in libraries, book stores or magazine suppliers. Therefore, information on addiction that is circulated on the internet is the most important exposure society at large receives on the subject. It is very important to circulate addiction information responsibly, verifying each source before accrediting it as quality reading material. Quality addiction information will be created by an industry professional, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, professor of behavioral studies and rehab specialist.

Hard copy reading materials, such as books, magazines and newspapers, still contain excellent sources of information on addiction. They are simply less accessible than what is on the internet. Credible hard copy addiction resources contain information from formal studies, expert opinions and mental health industry trends. There is still a great deal of respect for hard copy publications because of their history and tradition. The professionals who publish these items come from a variety of psychological, behavioral and cognitive study backgrounds. These publications can be found anywhere that reading material is sold and specialized in.

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