Literature on Mental Health

mental health literatureThe volume of literature on mental health is astounding. Psychology dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, but it did not become its own modern discipline until the 1870’s. Studies into mental health as they relate to thoughts and behaviors have been evolving ever since, changing and being elaborated on. Very little of the groundwork for modern psychology is applicable today because of how rapidly the subject evolves. There is new information gained daily that needs to be circulated among industry professionals and laypeople alike. The most common method of circulating this information is through reading literature, whether it is in the form of books, articles, websites or other reading materials.

Books on mental health are very valuable resources on the subject. The most knowledgeable of industry professionals publish books on mental health. These are people who have devoted a great deal of time to specializing in particular areas and have enough of a following to interest a large number of readers. Books on mental health are studied in academic settings, referenced in the mental health industry and sought after by avid individual readers.

Articles published on the subject of mental health are also a popular means of taking in new information on the subject. Again, industry professionals, such as professors, psychologists, rehab specialists and counselors are typically the ones to publish credible articles on mental health. However, this form of literature is more loosely defined as articles may appear in official sources, such as journals and psychological magazines, or they may appear in personal blogs or less credible sources. It is very important to verify the credibility of your information sources before buying into them or circulating them.

The internet has, of course, altered the way we take in information. Some internet content is valuable and some is useless, but there is no denying that it is the fastest and most accessible way of circulating information. If a website belongs to a credible organization, institution or professional, it can be an excellent source of information on mental health. Just be sure to verify the origins of the website before putting any stock into it.


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