The Value of Literature on Mental Health and Addiction

literature addiction mental disorderMatters of mental health and addiction are of the utmost importance to our mental welfare, our healthcare and our society in general. There is a great deal of information currently emerging on mental disorders and addiction that must factor in to the way we approach these subjects. Written literature on mental health and addiction is a long standing, traditional method of communicating important information. It is very important that we preserve the literature on mental health and addiction from the past to monitor our progress, but also make a great effort to circulate the information that is emerging now to keep society current on what we understand about these conditions.

The key function of literature on mental health and addiction matters is to enlighten and inform readers. When readers encounter new information on mental disorders and addiction, they subconsciously factor it into their thinking and their behavior. Receiving new and important information on mental health and addiction can make a person go from being intolerant and unaccepting of those with disorders and addictions to forgiving and supportive of them, the latter of which obviously the more responsible method of approaching these matters. In being enlightened on mental disorders and addiction, people will make an emotional connection with the need for patience and acceptance and will exude more commendable behavior toward addicts and people with mental disorders.

By changing the way people think and act when it comes to mental health issues and addiction, harmful stigmas will be brought to an end. This is a very important step in the healing process for people afflicted with these disorders and should not be overlooked. A vast majority of people with mental disorders and addictions feel the weight of stigmas, which is negative self talk and low self esteem due to harsh judgments and stereotypes made by others. People with addiction and disorders already battle a great deal of mental torment, and when fuel is added to the fire by other people, the demons they battle only grow stronger. The best thing we can do as a society is learn to reach out and support those with addictions and disorders rather than chastise them.

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