The Value of Mental Health and Addiction Literature

literature mental disorder addictionLiterature on addiction and mental disorders is valuable for a number of reasons, the strongest of which is probably the part that it plays in ending societal stigmas and complexes for addicts and people with mental disorders. Educating the public is always important, but when it comes to addiction and mental disorders, educating the public is urgent. Did you know that addiction and a mental disorder can attack a person in unison, and the individual requires a highly specialized form of help called co-occurring disorder addiction treatment? A great deal of damage is done when ignorance is perpetrated against people with these disorders, and the public buys into myths about addiction. Addiction and mental disorders are hard enough to live with even when people are not kicking you down misinformed judgments. Addicts and individuals with mental disorders would have an easier time recovering from them and rejoining the world as productive persons without these additional hardships.

Credible information on addiction and mental disorders can be found on the internet through legitimate news sites and through certified mental health organization sites. The key is simply doing a bit of your own research to find out who published it and what their credentials are. Widely circulated and respected editorials, such as major newspapers and academic journals, are another excellent source of information on addiction and mental disorders. Any literature that the mental health industry puts out is valuable also, although some of it needs to be read with discretion. There is a vast body of literature available on addiction and mental health, and circulating it is vital to creating awareness about it.

If we all do our part to circulate accurate articles and information sources on addiction and mental disorders through out our social media sites, as well as through out our personal and professional lives, we can make an incredible difference. One of the hardest parts of being addicted or having a mental disorder is being made to feel like an outsider by society. This kind of dejection only makes people withdraw farther into their unhappiness and mental unhealthiness. Imagine the positive turn it could take if addicts and individuals with mental disorders felt their culture coming to their defense rather than chastising them. If you are serious about wanting mental unhealthiness to come to an end, do not complain about it. Fight it with the truth.

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